About Thunder Stix Baseball & Softball Academy

Thunder Stix Baseball & Softball Academy was established in 2009 by Robert Banner, the head softball coach at Alexis I. DuPont High School. Coach Banner's goal was to provide a Baseball & Softball Facility in the New Castle County area for the serious minded player to develop all facets of the game. Thunder Stix strives to provide an atmosphere where young men and women can improve their skills and become better players regardless of their level of play. Thunder Stix has partnered with some of the best baseball and softball instructors in the area to provide an instructional environment second to none.

Thunder Stix instructors will work to improve both the skills and confidence of the students we work with. Baseball and Softball can be very frustrating sports to play. As many of you have heard repeatedly, the best players fail 7 out of 10 times at the plate. This concept is difficult for many young players to grasp. However, it is this “re-definition” of success that shapes and molds the confidence of young players and allows them to put things into perspective. Thunder Stix will deal with the “whole player” shaping both their mental and physical approach to the game.

Conveniently located on Rt. 13 near the 495 exit, the Thunder Stix facility is an 11,000 square foot structure that has 4 automated batting cages and 4 training tunnels providing an ideal setting for training, instruction and just plain fun!

The Thunder Stix Instructional Mission:  To teach young players the fundamentals of baseball and softball by providing them with high level instruction in a manner that is friendly, fun and EFFECTIVE.

  • To have every student leave feeling better about themselves and their game.

  • To share our passion for the game of baseball and softball.

  • To teach the fundamentals of the game of baseball and softball better than any other organization in the world.

  • To provide hitting and pitching instruction that enables our players to develop and maximize their natural abilities.

  • To provide guidance and fundamentals to take a player from "crib to college" and beyond if their talent allows.

  • To teach life skills, coping skills, sportsmanship and respect for the game that can positively impact the lives of each and every student.