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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone come in and use the batting cages?

A. YES! Although we have many teams practicing in our facility and do offer professional instruction, Thunder Stix is open to the public.  In fact, Thunder Stix is a great place to come in and get some batting practice or to just have a good time testing your skills against the Ultimate Trainer 2000 pitching machine!

Q. How much does it cost to hit in the cages?

A. Tokens for the batting cages are purchased at the front desk.  Token prices are

 ONE Token          (15 Pitches) $2.00
 THREE Tokens     (45 Pitches) $5.00
 SEVEN Tokens     (105 Pitches) - Best Deal $10.00

** We also do cage rentals for 15 Minutes ($15) or, 30 minutes ($25)

Q. What are Tunnel Rentals?

A. Tunnels are the area where players or teams can do live pitching / hitting / throwing and fielding.  The tunnel area is fully netted for safety and allows you to practice any skill just as you could on an outdoor field..with the exception of pop ups.  In our tunnel area, you can rent one of our ATEC machines that allows you to practice hitting that 90mph fastball or one of the most wicked curveballs you'll ever see! You can also rent a pitching mound and practice throwing from a regulation size college / pro-mound.  Tunnel rates are $30 / half hour; $50 / hour per tunnel (We have 4 tunnels in the facility)!!

Q. Do the cages have Slow Pitch Softball?

A. Absolutely!  All of our cages do EVERYTHING!!  No waiting in line for the Slow Pitch machine or the 80 mph fastball machine.  Every cage is user programmable.  YOU punch in what you want to hit (Baseball or Softball) AND what speed you want to "attempt" to hit.

Q. Do I have to have my own bat and helmet?

A. No.  If you don't have your own equipment, we keep a  few bats and helmets in the facility that you can use free of charge.  For those of you with your own equipment, you'll be glad to know that Thunder Stix uses "Sting Free" pitching machine balls.  You don't have to worry about denting that $300 bat by hitting rock-hard pitching machine balls that most batting cages use.

Q. How much are lessons at Thunder Stix?

A.  Thunder Stix instructors charge $45 / per half-hour lesson & $80 / for a full hour session.  We also do group lessons for between 2 and 4 students.  These sessions are 1 hour and the cost is $50 per person.  Be sure to ask about our 5 and 10-pack specials.  We also do a variety of clinics, camps and large group lessons during the year.  Check out our EVENTS & ACTIVITIES button see what's coming up next.

Q. What about Birthday Parties?

A. Our Birthday Parties are FUN!  We have a variety of packages to choose from that fit every budget.  If you're planning a party for your little slugger, let Thunder Stix make it a truly special day.  Most parties are 2 hours long and you have the option of getting a batting cage and our 70x50 foot tunnel area for a game of Home Run Derby, Kickball or the ultimate KID FAVORITE  Dodge ball.  Call 302-384-6589 to schedule your party TODAY!

Q. Why Thunder Stix instead of the competition?

A. Because T-Stix ROCKS!  Our equipment is better, our instructors are better and our facility is clean and modern.  Don't take our word for it....the best high school and college players in the area have made Thunder Stix the number 1 place for serious baseball and softball players in the area!  As we say in our tag line .. Thunder Stix is  "Where the best go to get better"!