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Tunnel Rental

  • Fully AstroTurfed
  • Team Rentals Available (Reservations Required)
  • Fully Netted Environment for Safety
  • Tunnels Equipped with L-Screens
  • Curve Ball Machines Available for Rent
  • Pitching Mounds Available
  • Tunnel rates are:
    •  $30 per half hour
    •  $50 per hour per tunnel
  • 4 tunnels in the facility

Q. What are Tunnel Rentals?

A. Tunnels are the area where players or teams can do live pitching / hitting / throwing and fielding.  The tunnel area is fully netted for safety and allows you to practice any skill just as you could on an outdoor field..with the exception of pop ups.  In our tunnel area, you can rent one of our ATEC machines that allows you to practice hitting that 90mph fastball or one of the most wicked curveballs you'll ever see! You can also rent a pitching mound and practice throwing from a regulation size college / pro-mound.  Tunnel rates are $30 / half hour; $50 / hour per tunnel.  We have 4 tunnels in the facility.